"Truth Is, This Kind of Independence Isn't for Everyone."

It's Really Only for You...

  • If You Want ULTIMATE Control Over Your Career.
  • It's for You If You Want to Blaze Your Own Trail.

At Westcorp Mortgage Group, we believe in autonomy and in empowerment.

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In Fact ...

"We are the 'anti-micromanagement' firm that has the
power to boost your career in ways that you may
have thought impossible."

We are pretty particular about who we work with, but with the right competitive spirit, you'll move mountains given enough FREEDOM.

That's exactly what we offer. If you're the right fit, you'll never find a better growth opportunity than Westcorp Mortgage Group.

There are several things that make us so successful, but most notably it's the laid-back culture of our company.

It may seem counterintuitive that a laid-back culture would yield more profitable sales professionals, but...

It's been PROVEN to us time and again, that "hands-off management" works much better than micromanaging and restricting our leaders.

In fact, our sales managers have produced such tremendous results that we've compiled their best strategies into a free report that you can download right now.

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