You are a pretty special breed…


  • You’re entrepreneurial
  • You’re independent
  • Driven
  • Hard-working
  • Honest
  • Down to earth


We Know YOU Just want the right tools and environment to help you reach your full potential in this business.

If we’ve gotten all of that right about you, then you’ll be happy to know that…

We’re your GREATEST supporter!

We love supporting our team members in a very “we’re here if you need us, but we trust you” kind of way.

In fact…

We believe that our hands-off approach to management is the most
effective way to foster the potential within each individual on our team.

Though we’re a positive bunch, this is not grade school and we know that you don’t need corporate hoops to jump through and RED TAPE that gets in the way of your deals.

You DON’T need babysitting and even more regulation at the company level.  You need tools, support, great people to work with and count on, and did we say support?

We support you…

By listening, by responding, and by consistently delivering the best products for you to offer your clients.

And just in case you’ve been promised the moon before …

You should know that we’re more committed to that management style and hire very carefully to be sure candidates will fit the CULTURE and THRIVE in that independent environment.


The proof really is in the pudding…

Our LOs and Sales Managers are extremely successful and many
have been with us for more than 10 years, which… 

Is LONGEVITY that is practically UNHEARD OF in this business.

In other words…

Working with us is NOT for EVERYONE!

It’s for the special breed of entrepreneurial professional who is ready to stake his or her claim in this industry and grow beyond their imagination.

If that’s you…keep reading all the way to the bottom of this page!

Now, here’s our boring “bio stuff” that actually isn’t that boring!

Rick - Head Shot

“I’m Rick Barnhart and along with my son, Brendan, I am the Owner here at Westcorp Mortgage Group, and have been in the mortgage industry for 40 years now.”

More importantly…

“I am a family man with high regards to integrity, honesty, and doing the right thing.”

  • I am a husband for over 40 years
  • A FATHER of two daughters and one son
  • A grandfather to a beautiful young GRANDDAUGHTER

In my former life…

I was the Senior Vice President of Mortgage Production at West One Bank located in Boise, ID at the time.

At West One I OVERSAW 20+ branches in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah. 

From there I moved to U.S. Bank, where I was SVP of Mortgage Production in Portland, OR and was responsible for overseeing 60+ mortgage offices throughout…

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Northern California

“After 23 years I decided to leave corporate America and branch out on my own.”


In 2000 I started Westcorp Mortgage Group, with the sincerest INTENTION of staying small, independent, and entrepreneurial.

But, with the excellent systems we have in place (and again, we attribute much of our success to our hands-off approach to management) and the high quality of team members that we have been able to attract, Westcorp has STEADILY and CONSISTENTLY GROWN over the years.

We grew from just a startup in 2000 to

over $70+ million in annual loan volume in 2016.

Now, we’re poised for even more growth!

If the laid-back culture described here is sounds like an ideal environment for you to grow…

and see if you qualify to work with us.”

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