What is “Conscious Home Lending?”

This is a new phrase that we created specifically for our slogan and to describe our business model.

“Conscious Home Lending” emulates a business model that we adopted from the Conscious Capitalism movement, which stems from the theory of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The meaning we give it, is that “we offer Home Lending services with a keen awareness to our surroundings.”

Essentially, our slogan is saying that…

“We as a company are aware of the effects of our actions on the community and environment that we live in and as a result, want to do our part to help.”

It’s not lost on us that it is actually the individuals and families of this great country that make our prosperity in this business possible.

Though we’re obviously private, and not a government agency, our impact is as direct as any government organization’s impact on its constituents.

We’re serious about our responsibilities to all of those that we affect.